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FREE Revit interface training

Quickly discover the principles of Revit at your own pace. This in an accessible way so that you are able to understand the basic principles of Revit.

After this training you will understand how a Revit model is constructed and how you can navigate through the interface yourself.

Why wait?

  • What is Revit?

    Discover what Revit is and what it is used for.

    What is the interface?

    How is the interface structured and what commands are there?

    Discover the principles

    Discover how Revit works and what's behind a model

    Wat is Revit?

    Learn to undersand the Revit interface

    And this totally FREE

    Gain insight into Revit at your own pace

    Revit template

    Is this training for you?

    • What is Revit used for now?
    • Can I test Revit for free?
    • At your own pace
    • Accessible. 
    • Step by step
    •  Discover the interface 
    • Learn the principles behind the software
    • What are views, sections and 3D views
    • Bills of quantities and plans in Revit.

    The following topics are discussed.

    Revit is no BIM

    Why is Revit not BIM? So what is Revit? Short and sweet explanation of this misconception

    Learn to navigate

    How can you navigate in Revit? What functions are there within the software and how do I use them?

    Construction model

    How are plans, cuts, 3D views created in Revit and what is the principle of a bill of quantities?

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    Onze opleidingen zijn in volle ontwikkeling. Blijf op de hoogte van deze lanceringThe following courses are in the pipeline

    Revit template: how to build one from scratsh

    Revit MEP: The best way to set up a Revit MEP model using proven methodologies


    Do I need to install anything for this training?
    No, you can also simply follow the training to gain insight into the Revit interface. The lessons are online and you can rewind if necessary.
    Can I test Revit for free?
    Yes, you can test Revit for 30 days via the Autodesk website. Autodesk's terms and conditions apply here.
    Can I start working with Revit after this training?
    No, this course is aimed at people who want to gain insight into the software. What Revit is now and what principles are behind its structure. After this training you will have a good idea of the software. To really get started with Revit, it is best to follow the Revit template and Revit MEP training. 
    Why Revit?
    Revit is a common software in the world, in addition to architects, many engineering firms and contractors also work with this software. There is currently a shortage of Revit modellers
    Is this course suitable for beginners?
    This training is definitely for beginners, if you have never heard of Revit this is the course to take. 

    I want to learn more about Revit